Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Events and Media: The Bandwagon Rolls

Send-Off Party

Back in July 2008, unstoppable forces met immovable objects and formed the Everest Test Events Committee.  It is composed of the honourable Jamo, BN, Neil, Glen, Charlie C and me, with the assistance of Vicks and Brooksie.  The Committee has everything we could have hoped for: style, wit, charm and ruthless efficiency - and that's just BN.

Some time in the making, we have just announced our flagship event for friends of the Everest Test expedition team, called High on Ice. This is our send-off party, to be held on March 19 at 24:London in Soho. It promises to be a great night, raising significant funds for our charities and providing the team with a huge boost just three weeks before head to Nepal.  The e-flyer is pictured above-right.

Press Launch

We recently had our official Everest Test press launch, organised by the PR gurus at Active Minds.  Almost every expedition member was in attendance, dressed in cricket whites and climbing accessories and dozens of media people watched as we played a few overs of cricket in the middle of Trafalgar Square.

Several of us gave interviews and the upshot was a huge amount of national and local media interest, which has really helped us publicise not only the event but also the charities we are raising money for.  A selection of our press and TV coverage is set out below, including a link to a recent interview I gave on Radio New Zealand: